Basecoat-Lite is a white natural stucco gypsum plaster made from the purest form of natural gypsum. It is suitable for application like POP False Ceiling, POP Designs, POP Punning, corners & edge designs, RCC ceiling plaster, level strips, bull marks. With use of latest & upgraded technology of βhemihydrate, it provides extra smoothness, extra coverage & extra whiteness. It has special additives & chemicals improve setting time and control material wastage during application.

The chemical formula is CaSO4.½H2O Gypsum plaster s produced by heating gypsum to about 120–180°C CaSO4.2H2O = CaSO4.½ H2O + 1½ H2O (Calcium Sulphate dihydrate = Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate +Water)

  • Quick Setting Fire Resistance
  • Being Acoustics Preventing Shrinkage Cracks
  • Easy Application No Curing Required
  • Saving Energy Lighter Construction
  • Inexpensive Material Reduce Plastering Time

Basecoate Plaster is a white ultrasmooth stucco powder that is derived from heating of natural gypsum plaster. Basecoat plaster is designed to provide smooth and compact internal surface of AAC/ concrete block wall, fly ash block wall, stone walls and concrete surfaces. It is suitable for application like POP False ceiling designs, bull marks, level strips corners & edges design and ceiling plaster. It manfactures in state-of-the-art facilities like B-hemihydrate technology and advances polymer addivities to enhance compactness, plaster workability , setting time, coverage, and desired smoothness of surface. It also provides best quality durable masonry surface with no shrinkage cracks & less onsite wastages.

Features and Benefits
  • Faster & Lighter Cosnstruction
  • Eliminate shrinkage cracks
  • Incurs less water usage & no water curing required
  • Extra whitness & smoothness
  • Easy application of POP design & false ceiling
  • Lower impact on environment.
  • Save plastering time
  • Fire resistance & energy saver
  • Provide better acoustics & Thermal resistance properties
  • Cost effective & long-term durability

Flex-o-Mesh Glass Fiber Mesh is a Woven Fiberglass Mesh made with alkali-resistant macromolecule latex using about 20% recycled and 80% new virgin glass, coated with an Acrylic Acid copolymer. Glass Fiber Mesh reinforcing mesh is ideal for reinforcing plaster or render, particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness.

It can be used to stabilize unstable surfaces, cover, and help to prevent cracks. It is a flexible lattice made from special woven glass-fiber strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet plaster or render

It Used to reinforce sand cement Plaster, gypsum plaster, Ready mix plaster, coarse plaster & waterproofing, in a place where tensile strength is important. 145GSM glass fiber mesh is recommended to use on interior & exterior surfaces before plastering that will protect shrinkage/hairline cracks

Product Specification of 145GSM:
  • Rolls: 1Mtr x 50Mtr
  • Weight: 145g/sqm
  • Mesh aperture 5mm x 5mm
  • Colour White
  • Yarn Size (Warp) 0.5 x 0.3mm
  • Yarn Size (Weft) 1.0 x 0.24mm
Flex-o-Mesh PVC Corner Bead

Flex-o-Mesh PVC Corner Bead with Glass fiber mesh is easy to apply on corners and edges of wall and window area. It allows high-quality compression strength and fast operation even to unskilled people.

Flex-o-Mesh PVC Corner Bead is made with fiberglass mesh consist of perforated PVC corner bead and reinforcing fiberglass mesh. It gives you the best solution to protect against corner & edge damage. It is a specific product designed for all 90 °C angle constructions. It is an ideal material for the construction industry to prevent Corner & edge cracks

Flex-o-Mesh Self-Adhesive Tape

Flex-o-Mesh Self-Adhesive Tape is easy to apply to any surface and allows highquality tensile strength and fast operation even to unskilled people

Flex-o-Mesh Self-Adhesive Tape is made with fiberglass mesh and compounded with self-adhesive emulsion. It gives you the best solution for the wall & false Ceiling problems like wall cracks, plasterboard joints, and wall holes, and it is the ideal material for drywall and ceiling problems. The product is self-adhesive, superior in conformability, and strong in space stability. It is an ideal material for the construction industry to prevent cracks